California Utility Billing Services strives to encourage conservation of water and energy. Our long term tenants will find NEW trash and water bills in their mail from CUBS if they do not conserve water at their building. Some tenants have brought in washers and dishwashers and these have contributed to the water bill overages.

CUBS uses the RUBS method to bill our tenants. This stands for Ratio Utilities Billing System. Since older apartment buildings do not have independent meters for each apartment,  CUBS takes the total amount of water used by the property and divides it up among the tenants based on how many people live in each apartment.

An apartment with 3 people living in it will be charged more than an apartment with only 1 person, regardless of the number of bedrooms in the unit.  3 people will use more water than 1 person; 3 showers or baths, three times the dishes, etc.

When tenants are billed for their water use, they become aware and accountable for their own conservation effort. As tenants make (small changes) in their lifestyle to conserve water, their bill visibly drops. Take a look at our conservation page for tips that can drastically cut your water bill.

Communal areas of an apartment, such as the pool or grassy areas with sprinkler systems also use water. This usage is included in the total bill that CUBS divides among all tenants since tenants use the pool and like the grass to be green.

However, sprinklers can wear out, break, and their timers can get set incorrectly. If you see sprinklers or hoses running constantly, wasting the water that you pay for, email us and let us know! If you’d like to see the landscaping at your apartment adjusted to be more water conscious with less grass and more aloe plants, email us about that too!

Check out the CUBS website for more information on how they do business.